How to plan first date in Denmark?

We think love has no language. It is beyond boundaries of the nations and acknowledges no cultural barriers. The person from any culture, nation or society can fall in love with another person from an entirely different culture, nation or society. But is it really the truth? Does cultural difference does not have a role to play in a meeting of two people? It has an important role to play and it becomes all the more important when you are dating a Danish woman. Dating in Europe is quite different from dating in Denmark. For that matter, Denmark dating is not only different from European dating but it is different from rest of the world too.

Denmark dating

Dating a Danish woman is not that easy as it would be dating a European or an American woman. We have jotted down free Do鈥檚 and don鈥檛s which will not only give you fair idea about Danish woman and their dating traits but will also increase your success chance with them. These are some important points which no European online dating website will tell and are exclusively available with us.

  • The first and the foremost thing to understand is that Danish woman are usually shy and they do not talk to any stranger. In America or any other country the usual procedure is that a man sees a woman, he likes her, he approaches her, asks to buy a drink or coffee for her, if they are in a nightclub he will ask for a dance and then from there the story continues. But this process is a strict no-no in Denmark. If you approach a Danish woman as a stranger and offers to buy a drink then what you will get is complete rejection. You are left wondering what you have been rejected as you are a foreigner. So what is the solution to this problem? The best way to tackle this problem is to play your game slowly and steadily. Before approaching the woman, approach some guy in the circle. Become a part of the same circle. When you are friends with anyone or two guys in the group, you can conveniently ask who the girl is and whether she has a boyfriend or is single. Now when you will approach the girl you are not a complete stranger as she has seen you talking with her own friend. Things will be little easier and convenient for you from now on.

couple's dating in Denmark

  • Second important don鈥檛 when you talk to a Danish woman is never tell her how much do you earn or going to earn or how much power and influence you have. All these things can impress girls in America and other parts of Europe but a Danish woman will reject you straightforwardly. Money and power usually do not appeal to the Danish woman. What appeals them is kind-hearted, sensitive and considerate nature of a man. So instead of boasting about money and power you get from your job, try telling her about the good thing you do or intend to do for the society through your job. Tell her how you use your salary for a social cause or how you are connected to organizations who work for the welfare of underprivileged. This will impress the girl much more than your power and money. You can also tell how considerate you are about the environment and how you wish to work for saving earth from environmental hazards. This will increase your chances with the girl by many folds.
  • Showing off your money in Denmark means inviting the government to take all it in the form of taxes. Danish government does not give you the freedom of keeping a lot of money in hand. They have a controlled system and both local and foreign people are expected to abide by the system. Showing off your money to a Danish girl means giving your number to tax authorities of the country. You may not get the girl but you will definitely get a lot of legal troubles from the government. Danish girls are decent and modest. They prefer the guys to be the same. More modest and decent you are with the girl; higher will be your chances to get success in dating her. In Denmark, less is more and if you stick to these rule then chances of success with a Danish girl is much higher.
  • All these Do鈥檚 and Don鈥檛s are not just for the foreign guys but they are applied on local Danish guys too. Even they have to follow the same strategy if they wish to date a beautiful Danish girl. They may be little less strange to the girl and share common culture when compared to foreigners, but being modest, environmentally friendly and sensitivity towards social issues is also expected from them.