How to make a Swiss woman date with me?

Swiss is a reserved, conservative and unapproachable community. Dating in Switzerland is not similar to European dating. Internet is full of tips and tricks about how you can successfully date a Swiss woman when you are an outsider and don鈥檛 know much about them.

swiss woman date with her boyfriend

In this article, we will discuss some in-sights about Swiss dating which can be a great help to you in your love life.

You will need to make an effort to date a Swiss! 

There is no denial of the fact that Switzerland is one of the best European dating places, but dating over here is not a piece of cake. With online dating apps like tinder and Grindr, people have started believing that you can easily get hooked up with a person without any time and effort. But it is not true with dating in Switzerland. You will need to put a lot of time and effort to convince a Swiss girl to date you and to enter in a trust full and meaningful relationship with you. Don鈥檛 worry, as once you are in the relationship it will be worth every second and penny spent by you over it. According to a Sensex report, 35% Swiss marriages in 2015 were with foreigners. It clearly tells that Swiss is not against meeting and dating foreigners, but they take their own time and do it at their own pace.

Swiss women need a lot of encouragement to date! 

Another difference between dating in Central Europe and Swiss dating is Swiss women are not very open in approaching men. You will need to approach a Swiss woman and start a decent conversation with hi and hello and then slowly take things forward. If you expect a Swiss woman to approach you or hit on you in a bar or so, you will have to keep waiting forever. Swiss women like dating men but they are never the ones who start the conversation. You will have to talk to them decently like a gentleman and then they will open up to you slowly.

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It won鈥檛 help you if you label yourself as a foreigner! 

If you label yourself as a foreigner then it will not be much help to you in the Swiss community. Swiss are known to keep friendships which they have built since childhood. They usually prefer being on local turf and do not encourage dating with foreigners whom they know will leave one day. So if you want to date a local Swiss girl, don鈥檛 tag yourself as a foreigner, on the contrary, tell her that although you have come from a foreign land now you are staying here only and will stay here for long.

Going Dutch on a Swiss dating is normal! 

In other parts of the world, it may be the unwritten rule that men will pay for the date. But it is not the case in Switzerland. Here splitting the bill is not considered something bad, on the contrary, Swiss girls expect you to do so and appreciate it when you do so. Though out of manners or chivalry, a man should always pay for the first date but next time it is ok if you wish to split the bill. It is not about being stingy but it is all about equality. In Switzerland, both man and woman feel equal to each other and usually prefer paying for themselves rather than depending on their partner.

The perfect blend of commitment and independence will be expected!

It will be interesting to note that unlike European dating when you are dating in Switzerland you will need to create a perfect blend of commitment as well as the independence of your partner. Swiss girls are usually very committed in their relationship but at the same time, they need their own space, independence and time and seldom able to bear with the relationship stress and pressure. Meeting quite often or being demanding will not be very helpful when you are dating a Swiss girl. You will need to go slow and match your pace with the pace of the girl for winning her trust and then take things to the next level.

There are no rules for sex in Switzerland! 

After reading all the above points you must be thinking that sex will be a difficult thing in a conservative society like Switzerland. But the good news is that Swiss girls are not conservative about having sex. According to a survey, Swiss men and women enjoy ten percent more orgasm than people in other parts of Europe and America. So if you are looking for a one night stand you need to go on one date to have sex with the girl. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship then you should go on enough dates to know the person before you name the word sex.