How to make a Swiss woman date with me?

Swiss is a reserved, conservative and unapproachable community. Dating in Switzerland is not similar to European dating. Internet is full of tips and tricks about how you can successfully date a Swiss woman when you are an outsider and don鈥檛 know much about them.

swiss woman date with her boyfriend

In this article, we will discuss some in-sights about Swiss dating which can be a great help to you in your love life.

You will need to make an effort to date a Swiss! 

There is no denial of the fact that Switzerland is one of the best European dating places, but dating over here is not a piece of cake. With online dating apps like tinder and Grindr, people have started believing that you can easily get hooked up with a person without any time and effort. But it is not true with dating in Switzerland. You will need to put a lot of time and effort to convince a Swiss girl to date you and to enter in a trust full and meaningful relationship with you. Don鈥檛 worry, as once you are in the relationship it will be worth every second and penny spent by you over it. According to a Sensex report, 35% Swiss marriages in 2015 were with foreigners. It clearly tells that Swiss is not against meeting and dating foreigners, but they take their own time and do it at their own pace.

Swiss women need a lot of encouragement to date! 

Another difference between dating in Central Europe and Swiss dating is Swiss women are not very open in approaching men. You will need to approach a Swiss woman and start a decent conversation with hi and hello and then slowly take things forward. If you expect a Swiss woman to approach you or hit on you in a bar or so, you will have to keep waiting forever. Swiss women like dating men but they are never the ones who start the conversation. You will have to talk to them decently like a gentleman and then they will open up to you slowly.

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It won鈥檛 help you if you label yourself as a foreigner! 

If you label yourself as a foreigner then it will not be much help to you in the Swiss community. Swiss are known to keep friendships which they have built since childhood. They usually prefer being on local turf and do not encourage dating with foreigners whom they know will leave one day. So if you want to date a local Swiss girl, don鈥檛 tag yourself as a foreigner, on the contrary, tell her that although you have come from a foreign land now you are staying here only and will stay here for long.

Going Dutch on a Swiss dating is normal! 

In other parts of the world, it may be the unwritten rule that men will pay for the date. But it is not the case in Switzerland. Here splitting the bill is not considered something bad, on the contrary, Swiss girls expect you to do so and appreciate it when you do so. Though out of manners or chivalry, a man should always pay for the first date but next time it is ok if you wish to split the bill. It is not about being stingy but it is all about equality. In Switzerland, both man and woman feel equal to each other and usually prefer paying for themselves rather than depending on their partner.

The perfect blend of commitment and independence will be expected!

It will be interesting to note that unlike European dating when you are dating in Switzerland you will need to create a perfect blend of commitment as well as the independence of your partner. Swiss girls are usually very committed in their relationship but at the same time, they need their own space, independence and time and seldom able to bear with the relationship stress and pressure. Meeting quite often or being demanding will not be very helpful when you are dating a Swiss girl. You will need to go slow and match your pace with the pace of the girl for winning her trust and then take things to the next level.

There are no rules for sex in Switzerland! 

After reading all the above points you must be thinking that sex will be a difficult thing in a conservative society like Switzerland. But the good news is that Swiss girls are not conservative about having sex. According to a survey, Swiss men and women enjoy ten percent more orgasm than people in other parts of Europe and America. So if you are looking for a one night stand you need to go on one date to have sex with the girl. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship then you should go on enough dates to know the person before you name the word sex.


What You Should Know About Dating European Women

European women, especially those belonging to Eastern Europe are considered some of the most gorgeous and beautiful women across the globe. Although they lead a sophisticated lifestyle of high maintenance, it is not so difficult to impress them if you know to date them the way they like the most.

Nothing is wrong or exaggeration in saying that most of the European ladies have got an attractive figure and appealing charm to blow your mind. They are beautiful enough to provoke you to hook up with them. If you are one of those men who take an interest in dating a single European woman, you should know a series of details on how to meet them and have a great time spending together.

Physical Attractiveness

If you judge most of the European women in terms of physical features and appearance, you will find them heavenly beautiful, no doubt at all. At the same time, they know the exact way to present their beauty and maintain it as well as their striking figure to grab the attention of guys in no time. This is a great reason behind the rapid increase in European dating. 聽 聽

Many of these women have a model like an appearance. They are slim while maintaining good height and well-proportioned figures. Most of them are having light or brown eyes, blonde or black hair and a pretty face to stare at. They have all sorts of appealing physical attributes to strike your mind and make you fall in love with them.

Language you speak in while dating

Although the entire European continent enjoys communication in multiple languages, you may freely speak in English while dating a European lady. This globally recognized language is sufficient to share your thoughts in while meeting a beautiful European woman. However, there are few exceptions like Russia and Ukraine. If you can speak Russian to impress the lady, it will provide you with additional & lucrative benefits. 

Top countries in Europe to find beautiful women

If you are an ardent traveler to meet gorgeous European women, you can step into these countries as follows:

Russia: this country is great to find hot & sexy European women of your choice. Most of the Russian women are high maintenance and attractive looking to win the hearts of manifold guys. You can arrange European dating in its capital city, Moscow.  

Ukraine: you will definitely find some appealing chicks in this place. If you stay for some days in the capital city, Kiev, you will have the chances to date and choose your ideal companion from some of the beautiful European women you meet around. The women are truly open to dating foreigners and you can create an impression with your own style & technique here. 

Czech Republic: it is another important place for single men to discover and date attractive European girls. At the same time, Czech women have the hottest figure and eye-catching look to elude most of the guys in the world.

Importance of Online Dating

To be frank, this is the era of online dating and you can find a suitable match for you to date with while browsing the best European dating sites. One of the most popular European dating online portals which offer you access to entire Europe is International Cupid. The site provides you the opportunity to meet various single & good-looking European women.

Grow Confidence 鈥 an important male characteristic

When it comes to dating beautiful European women, every guy must bring confidence in mind and express it in his talks. Needless to say, confidence is the ultimate trait that a man should have. Besides, European women are generally more self-confident than other women. They are highly self-concerned whereas they also judge the confidence level of their dating partner by paying careful attention to his body language.

How to dress at dating

Every European woman is likely to judge you on the basis of your appearance and dress-up. You can dress in a classy way to look more presentable than usual times. On the day of dating, you can choose a handsome polo T-shirt paired with comfortable fitting jeans to appear dashing from all angles. You can put on casual sport shoe or boots to enhance your stylish appearance.

Keep in mind that your garments should fit your body well enough to provide you utmost comfort and feel of ease. The hot European women will not just observe your appearance & perfect dress-up but they will appreciate your sense of style too. How to talk to these ladies is also a key point to consider, so that you can easily win their heart at first dating. 

For more information and guidance on this ground, you can opt for European dating free tips available on popular dating sites to prepare yourself well. Invite pretty women for frequent dating and spend beautiful moments together. 聽 聽


The Unspoken Rules Of Dating In Europe

When it comes to dating and romance you would know that these have existed over the ages. However, the customs in regard to the same have changed constantly over time. The dating rules which were prevalent around 20 years back have changed considerably today. What is also to be noted is that the rules in regard to dating vary from place to place. Thus in case you seek to date in a particular place, it is best that you are aware of the dating rules of that place to get the best results. Historically Europe has been very rich in art and culture over time. With so many countries within this continent, each has their own unique traditions and culture. So in case you are considering dating in Europe, it is best that you familiarize with what the dating Europeans expect.

Dating in France

Dating in Europe: What to Expect?

If you seek European dating the first thing which might come to your mind is where to find your potential partner. With the advancement of technology now, getting connected with others has become really simple and convenient.Thus much like most places in the world you could easily register on any of the numerous European dating sites and start communicating and getting in touch with your potential partner. However, while dating knowing what your partner is likely to expect, always helps. So let us take a look at some of the basic traditions and customs prevalent in some of the major countries of Europe you are likely to explore.聽 聽

Dating in Italy

dating in Italy-Apulia

As a country, Italy offers some exquisite cuisine and some breathtaking panoramas to admire. When it comes to dating and romance, you would know that Italy is made for lovers. However, though it is true that the nation鈥檚 reputation for romance is well known, Italians can also be puzzling and sometimes even infuriating. Here are some points to note:

Your partner might often be late for the date

Arriving about 10 to 15 minutes after the agreed time is no big deal in Italy. So you need to accept this and go ahead with your date.

Be sure to look good

Whether it is a simple as grabbing a coffee or a casual meet for an early evening stroll, Italians like to do it in style. So in order to impress here always put some extra effort to look good no matter how casual your meeting may be.

Aperetivo: the perfect option for the first date

Aperetivo is the concept of pre-dinner drinks and nibbles. This is the perfect option for the first date. So make sure that you have the same included for your first date.

Dating in France

If you want to date in France, you need to know that聽the French take dating to another level and are in principle very direct.

Kiss and having Sex

Here a kiss would mean that from now on you are a couple. However, there are not any particular rules in regard to having sex with your partner. In such cases, it usually boils down to ones鈥 personal feelings for the same.

When to ask for a date?

In France, there are no particular rules in regard to how long you should wait for a date with a call. It is seen that in case a man is interested in a French woman, he could typically ask her out on a date. Though there is a high probability that she might. But this is a common dating behavior everywhere, just to check to see if the man is serious about the date or not. It is often assumed that if the man is serious then he should ask the woman out again.聽

Ending the relationship

Unlike other places, if you want to end a relationship or the date聽in France then you need to express the same very clearly.聽You need to note that simply not calling, is not enough in France.


Unique Dating Destinations in Europe

If you ask about the romantic spots in Europe, most people will suggest Paris, Greece or Venice. They are undoubtedly a dream destination for the couples to enjoy their love and togetherness. However, Europe is home to several unique romantic spots less swarmed by the lovebirds. If you want to visit a less-crowded place to enjoy the good time with your spouse or fianc茅, we have some ideas about unusual destinations about dating in Europe. Full of surprising secrets, they will not fail to amaze you.

Budapest SPAs

Both the Ottomans and Romans loved to enjoy a relaxing experience in this Hungarian capital. Built on thermal waters, the city houses several SPA complexes that feel familiar for the locals but outstanding for the travelers. Some SPA buildings are bigger than bathhouses and a mingling spot of rich Hungarian culture and fascinating historical architecture. Relax with your partner in these fabulous SPA places and feel the true essence of being together.

Don鈥檛 limit your visit to only SPAs, as there are more to make you feel great on a romantic date. Sz茅chenyi is the largest medicinal bath throughout Europe. Experience the contrast between hot and cold water by exploring the outdoor pools in this legendary spot. Gell茅rt Baths is another must-visit. Nicely decorated with splendid mosaics and columns, it offers an unforgettable experience of enjoying a healing bath.


Mallorca is replete with natural beauty. Its pristine landscape has made it an exciting island to explore. Apart from scenic wonders, it offers some unforgettable and thrilling local charms and one of which is definitely a joyous ride to Mallorca鈥檚 North-Western coast.


Starting from its capital Palma, the train route meanders through the island. The train will take you through the breathtaking views of mountainous ranges, beautiful tunnels, and bridges and local villages. The train runs slowly so that the passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenarios to their heart鈥檚 content.

Go through a dating guide in Europe before venturing out in Mallorca to spice up the chemistry between you.


The Poland capital is exquisitely beautiful but that is not the sole reason to consider it as the next romantic travel destination. It houses a famous planetarium. If both of you love counting the stars, it is nice to enjoy your time with each other while exploring the mysteries of the universe in this sprawling interactive museum. Heavens of Copernicus is integral to the Copernicus Science Centre. If you have kids, the museum visit will be a great experience for them too.

Heavens of Copernicus is named after famous mathematician and astronomer Nicolas Copernicus. Being one of the most modern planetariums throughout Europe, the planetarium offers sky displays, different stellar shows, exhibitions and 3D film projections.The projection room has a big spherical screen and backward-bending chairs to create an unforgettable stargazing experience for the guests. It is better to book tickets online in advance to avoid standing in the queues.


If you want to explore the gorgeous Georgian capital city like a bird, take the funicular to reach the top of the Mount Mtatsminda. Whether you are taking the ride in broad daylight or romantic twilight, the magnificent views along the steep steps will make a thrilling experience.

Dare to touch the sky? It is a dream for everyone but the Ferris Wheel is designed to make this dream come true. Take the ride with your beloved only if you love adventures. The 65-meter high wheel is placed on top of a 770-meter towering mountain. The 10-12 minutes ride is not for the faint-hearted people. Literally speaking, it will take your breath away.

If you don鈥檛 dare to enjoy this romantic spin in the sky, enjoy yourselves at the Mtatsminda amusement park. An exciting view of the spinning wheel will transport you to the seventh heaven.


This Croatian town has recently shot to fame. The Kupari Bay, which is only half-an-hour away from the city, has made it one of the emerging serene spots for tourists鈥 craze and graze. Though still to be crowded, it offers the honeymooners and couples a golden opportunity of staying close to each other without feeling any irritating intrusion into their private life. If you really love a secluded beauty to rekindle your passion with your partner, never give a miss to the deserted resort of the plush hotels.

These hotels look over the turquoise-blue sea, islands and mountains as well as one of the best beaches in Croatia. The resort lost their glory after the Croatian war broke out. The thoughts of a one-night stay may give you an eerie feeling. Walk hand in hand with your beloved and take a tour around the deserted luxury hotels if only you are not scared of a spooky experience. Frankly speaking, European dating culture is amazing in its own way.

A date with your partner is never to forget. Every romantic moment that you enjoy with your life partner is worth cherishing forever. Still, many romantic couples choose the less-crowded place as it gives them ample scope to enjoy intimacy without being under the unwanted gaze of others.


10 Tips How To Get A Date In Europe Countries

Dating in Europe and dating sites in Europe is not quite the same as in the USA. European dating comes with its list of European dating tips, some of which I鈥檓 sharing with you guys here.

  1. If you happen to meet someone whom you take a fancy to, invite them to a date in person or over the phone. It is a strict no-no to email or text a woman, asking for a date. Not only does it appear cheap, your prospects are zero as well. Emails are impersonal ways of communication while conversations set the tone for something personal and interesting in the future.
  2. If you are dating a person online, then do not push too early for a meeting in person. A woman finds herself at risk while at online dating and there may be a certain level of anxiety attached as well. It is advised to get her to open up and relax over the course of a few conversations before suggesting a date.
  3. You should take the initiative when you meet for the date. You do not want to appear indecisive and uncertain when you are in the company of your date. Chalk out the schedule in your mind if you think you鈥檙e going to mess it up and appear like a fool. You need to be confident and also be able to come up with recommendations for places.
  4. The first few dates should be public dates. This way, women can size you up and make a judgment about your character. Driving separately is also an indication that you have the lady鈥檚 safety in mind at all times. As time goes on, you鈥檒l find this ploy working as your date gets more comfortable with you.
  5. You should always take your date to a place where you feel comfortable yourself. You might think you鈥檙e a gentleman who鈥檚 letting the lady decide, but a lot of women like men who are firm and decisive and can take the initiative. You could arrange to meet in the mutually familiar territory so that nerves are soothed. After some initial dates, you鈥檒l find your woman asking for more intimate dates and that鈥檚 a sign from her that she wants to take the relationship further. Let things move on from there.
  6. You should call your lady beforehand and confirm the date. Dentists and doctor do it all the time, and so should you. A man normally doesn鈥檛 pick up the woman on the way to the date, so if you call and ask her if the date is still on; it helps to set her at ease.
  7. You should try hard to look your best. To be honest, you are dating a woman because you find her attractive. So why should you not also do your bit in looking good?Make sure that you are groomed properly, check your fingernails and apply fresh deodorant.
  8. Your confidence is the key factor, the way you enter a room and take things in, or maybe glance at a certain person speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. Don鈥檛 feel awkward and take in a few deep breaths if necessary.
  9. Be a true gentleman. Open doors and also hold chairs out. These are nothing but good school manners and they tell a lot about a character鈥檚 persona. Your date will be well pleased with your sense of etiquette.
  10. The conversation should be kept flirty as well as light. Do not ask for her hand on the first date itself, keep stuff normal and talk about mutually interesting topics.