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Visit Website Download iOS App Download Android App is one of the most popular European dating sites. It has been active for a very long time and its purpose is to make single people fall in love. They help people to find their perfect matches and this has helped to become the best dating site of Denmark. Danish people are very open about their feelings, they say whatever they feel. They are also very modern with their thinking and do not believe in the social stigmas of the world. Danish people are laid back and the singles in Denmark, as well as the committed people, are very comfortable with the concept of online dating. They feel that Danish dating site like are very good for their society as it helps the single people find their soul mate.

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How to sign up for

Signing up for is a very simple process. You just have to fill in your email id and choose a password initially. After filling those, they ask you your personal details like height, weight, eye color, and the likes. They send you a confirmation email after signing up, to make sure that you had only registered for the dating site. Once you confirm your email id, you will be allowed to use the services of

How to locate potential matches in is amongst the top dating site for Denmark and their agenda is to help people find the ideal partners. Locating potential matches in is a very easy job. You can search for profiles by entering a username in the search bar. will list out all the profiles which contain the phrase you have entered. The other way to locate matches is by following what asks. On completion of the registrations, asks you a lot of questions. Those questions mainly ask you about your choices, your likes, and dislikes and what are the main aspects you want your partner to have. Based on those questions, runs a test and suggests you profiles of people which they think will be the best for you.

How to communicate in

After locating the list of potential matches, you have to go through all the profiles. If you like a particular profile, then you can directly message that person. The other thing which you can do if you like the profile of a person is, click on the show interest tab. If the other person also clicks on the show interest tab after going through your profile, then it will be a match and both of you will be able to talk to each other.

Features of is an amazing dating site which brings two people closer. They have a lot of features which help them in doing it. Some of those features are:

聽 聽 Matchmaking– has a unique feature which enables it to find the perfect match for someone. It asks for characteristic traits of all its members, once it takes in the details of their members鈥 traits, they run a test. The test then lists out the possible matches for a member based on their characteristics traits.

聽 聽 Boost now– This feature of allows its users to give a boost to their profile. Once a member asks to boost their profile, the number of matches one gets increases and makes extra efforts in finding a partner for the member.

Cost is a free dating website for people who are content with the basic services it offers to its free members. If one wants to enjoy more benefits of, then they have to subscribe to become gold members. The subscription for gold membership starts from $199 a month and keeps on decreasing as the number of months a user has subscribed for keeps on increasing.

Privacy is a very popular dating platform and many people sign up for their services. Since it has so many users, they are very cautious about the privacy of their users. They make sure that under no circumstances the personal details of their members are leaked out. The chats which their members have are also encrypted so that even after a breach, the privacy of their members are not compromised.

Active Members

There are more than 100 thousand people in Europe who have registered themselves on and more than half of them are active members of the site. The gold members are able to enjoy additional benefits which are not provided to normal members. They get the full access to the platform and can message other members. They can also boost their profile so that they get more matches than a normal member would get. Since the number of active members in is very large, finding your ideal partner becomes very easy for its members.

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