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Parship is one of the top dating sites present in Europe. It even has a mobile application to make it easier for the users to date. Parship is the perfect platform to find a dating partner who is serious about life and accomplished. Parship has resulted in some great relationships that have lasted for years and developed into small cute families. This European Dating Site is known for perfect matches, convenient use of the site and simple matchmaking. Using this site is extremely easy.

This Swiss dating website is not a place where one can find individuals who want to have flings or a one night stand. One can find serious relationships here as all the individuals who sign up are serious singles in the region. In Switzerland people are very open to the concept of online dating, they do not consider it a sham or judge the people who sign up. They have an open mind and use such Switzerland dating online to bring love and lust in their simple life. They trust the technology that is used by the website and reflects their true image on the website. Parship is loved by all the people living in this region.

Here are some details about Parship that will help you understand the concept of online dating here.

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Sign Up process

All one needs to do is sign up and then they can start the free trial of the website. To sign up one will need to fill the Parship questionnaire which would not take more than twenty minutes. It asks a few personal questions but it is necessary that one fills it with utmost good faith and does not lie about their interests and hobbies. On the basis of such questionnaire, the site links up people who have similar interests. In this free trial, one can check others profile, ask fun questions or even give compliments.

How to locate potential matches?

After signing up, an individual is successful in creating a space for their profile on this website. This profile can be viewed by others who have similar interests and hobbies. One can customize the page by adding pictures and more topics of interest. When someone likes a profile they can send a compliment or a smile or a parnut. Parnut is basically a symbol used on Parship which means that someone is interested in you. By doing these things one is able to locate potential matches through this Swiss dating site in their region.

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How to communicate with other members?

One can view profiles and send fun messages or ask questions. By showing interest in one’s profile, an individual can go forward and set a date up to start the process of online dating. Premium members can view all photos in one’s album and can send parents to the individual in order to compliment them. Communicating with members is easy as it is like any other messaging application. One can send messages to ask questions and invite other individuals on a date very easily on this dating site.


Some of the unique features provided by this online dating site include:

  • Profile search – one can do simple profile search and check profiles by surfing through the photos and exploring the questionnaire filled by an individual.
  • Parnut – this is a unique symbol used in Parship that means one likes your profile and is interested in you. Parnut is similar to winks in another dating site.
  • Low subscription – the subscription is not much when it comes to this particular Swiss dating site. It charges low prices and offers some of the best online services.
  • Extensive reach – Parship covers the whole of Europe and can link you up with people of any region you want. It is one of the top European Dating sites.


There are different types of plans. There is a premium package of membership which costs $31.87 per month. There are provisions for paying for six months and twelve months which cost less overall.One can make the payment only through credit or debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. All in all the cost is reasonable and worth the services provided by this Swiss dating site.

Privacy Policy

This website uses the latest technology to ensure privacy and prevents anyone have unauthorized access to information. There are security walls and encryption which prevents hackers from tampering the information and using it for wrong purposes. If an individual tries to harass someone, they can be reported and blocked easily. Before signing up on this site, there is an ID check which is performed. This ID check ensures that no one can make a fake ID and maintains the authenticity of this website making Switzerland dating online a good choice.

Active Members

This site is for the young crowd present in Switzerland who wants to interact with different individuals. Once you sign in you reach a world full of captivating people who can be perfect for you and your soul mate. This site has a balanced gender proportion which makes it easier to find both men and women online. Stats say that around 38% of the members are guaranteed to find perfect partners and be satisfied.

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