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Visit Website Download iOS App Download Android App is one of the most popular and most used European dating sites. Since its inception, it has gained a lot of popularity and almost everyone in Europe has tried at least once in their lifetime. was initially made for the Irish so that they can get their best match in Ireland. Irish are generally very shy in nature; they are not very good at small talk and flirting. In fact, they are very introvert and do not like to share their emotions with everyone. These traits of Irish people made it difficult for them to find their partner; therefore, was created to tackle these issues. It helps people in finding their potential partner and also in communicating with them. is also available as a mobile application for the people who want to enjoy the services of on the go.

How to sign up for is amongst the best dating sites Ireland and is perfect for people who are shy. You just have to fill in your name, age and the personal details, asked while signing up for and you will become a member of聽

How to locate potential matches?

Locating potential matches is always a tough task when it comes to online dating websites; solves this issue for everyone by making it a very easy task. You can put the range of age of the person you want to find and their gender, based on that will list a number of profiles for you. You will have to then screen those profiles and judge if you like that person or not. asks many questions, such as the lifestyle of your partner, their salary and other aspects which you want to be present in your partner. If finds a profile which satisfies your requirements, it will suggest the profile to you so that you screen the profile.

How to communicate with other members of

Communicating with people online can be tricky because you do not know anything about the person you are talking to. becomes very helpful when someone is stuck in these situations. Once lists out your potential matches, you have to go through their profiles and see if you like them or not. If you like their profile, you can simply message them on The other thing you can do is like their profile which will let the other person know that you like them and help you to start a conversation with them.


There are very few dating sites in Ireland and is one of them. The reason why it has been able to survive all these years is that it has many features which help the people in finding their perfect match. Some of the features of are:

聽 聽 Profile search– you can search for a profile on a match by entering a username. You can also enter the characteristics you want your partner to have and search for profiles. Profile search allows the users to explore more profiles than what was suggested to them and make a better decision.

聽 聽 Daily 5– gives you 5 matches every day and you have to rate those matches on the basis of your experience with them. keeps those ratings in mind and tries to improve the ratings as much as possible by suggesting you profiles more compatible with you.

聽 聽 Mobile application– also has an application version which does the same thing which the website does, finding best matches for members. The application version is for those users who do not have much time to spend on computers and are able to access through their phone.

Cost of subscription is a free dating website and is open to everyone. But there are certain privileges which those free members. To get access to those privileges, members have to subscribe to The subscription cost of varies with the number of you are subscribing for. It starts with 36 euros per month and falls down to 18 euros per month as the duration of subscription increases.


Since privacy has become such an important aspect nowadays, makes sure that it does not let its users down. They do not disclose any personal details of the members to anyone, not even to the other members or their matches.

Active Members offers some premium services to those who buy their subscription. They let their premium members have phone conversations with other members without disclosing the phone number of both the members to either of them. The premium members are also allowed to send a VIP email to a member who they are very interested in. This lets the member know that someone is very interested in you and is making an effort to impress you. has more than a million active users worldwide and therefore finding your ideal partner becomes very on this platform.

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