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Lexa.nl is one of the top Netherlands online dating sites. It forms a part of the International Meetic network. It is also the most preferred Dutch dating website.

Lex.nl has its origin in the year 2002, and its fame and popularity increase every day. It started with a humble beginning. However, today it is a dating site with a membership of over 2 million members. Today it is more of a polished website and it features a whole lot of exciting features. Make the best of Netherlands online dating at Lexa.nl.

To enjoy most of its exciting features, one will need a premium membership. Without a premium membership, users can only access, browse and search other members on this dating website. The membership on this Dutch Dating site is renewed automatically without the members constantly sending out reminder emails. If one requires to sign up and log in to here, then you will actually have to be a native of the Netherlands.

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Sign up the process

At the time of creation of one’s profile to become a member online, you will have to pass through the sign-up process.The song up process involves an entry of your name, username, the gender that you belong to, birthday, email address, and a password.

The completion of the dating profile on this website requires you to fill up the 9 pages of questions put forth. These questions deal with your personality, interests in life, your preferences, lifestyle, appearance, as well as your preferences in your desired partner. To complete these questions, you will require just 20 minutes.

On this website, you can also add additional information like your favorite songs, movies, books, your likes, and dislikes. You can do all of this by searching through the online directories like the world cat, screen rush, last.fm and lots more.

Location of your potential matches

On Leda, you get to choose your potential matches through 2 options. These are through searches and shuffles.

Under searches, you can do a basic search as well as an advanced search. The basic search is quite simple and requires lesser time. While the advanced search gets you to an access the various other features that enables you to filter out other profiles which you do not desire and keep the ones which are suitable for you. Under the basic search, you get to choose all those members who are born on the same day as you, perfect matches that Match yours, mutual matches, as well as reverse matches.聽

Under the shuffle feature, all the profiles on this website are shuffled randomly. Members also get to like other profiles and photos.

Communication with other members

Members that do not come under the premium membership are not allowed to flirt with the other members. Premium members get to flirt with the flirt wink that you get to send to other members to show them that are there and that you are interested in getting together with them.

If they are interested in you, they will flirt and reply back to you. When you flirt, you will give to send them a message to get them to flirt and reply back as well. Only premium members are permitted to send and receive messages via this website.

You can also communicate with other members through the live chat option and you also get to add them to the list of favorites. However, this dating website does not have audio and video options.

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Other unique features of this site

The unique feature of this site is that it permits users to create quizzes for other users to answer. It is a fun way to connect with intelligent matches as well as one which levels up to your interests and preferences. This way you get to test your compatibility with other matches. You are permitted to put forth at least twenty questions.

Another amazing and unique feature of this dating website is the shuffle feature. Only premium members get to use this feature. The profiles of compatible and potential matches appear to you one by one and you get to like the profiles and other pictures of the opposite matches. The other match gets to see your like, and if they like you back you to get to see and you will be notified of the likes received. These cool features are what makes it one of the best Dutch dating sites.

Special features enjoyed at each membership level

Members of the free membership level get to create a profile, upload photos, browse through other profiles, send and receive messages, limited use of shuffle. So wait no more, join and be a part of this European dating site.

Premium members get to use instant message chats, get complete access to the mobile app, ad-free browsing, incognito browsing and lots more.

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