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Einkamal was founded in the year 2001 and is the most popular Iceland dating site. There is a number of European dating site but what makes it stand out is that just does not randomly show profiles to its users, Einkamal tries to establish a special relationship between 2 people. The people of Iceland are not very good at flirting but they are very honest about what they feel. They do not waste time in doing small talks and just confess to whatever they are feeling.

One of the best things about dating in Iceland is that they do not follow any social stigmas, in fact, they are the most feminist country and every person is treated equally there. The reason why Einkamal has become the most popular Iceland dating site is because they reflect the Icelandic culture in their application. Einkamal is not bothered by any stigmas and allows its users to openly choose what their preferences are in terms of sexuality, gender, and the likes.

How to sign up for Einkamal?

The signing up process is a simple one where you just have to provide your email id, select a username for your profile and set a password for your account. Einkamal does not ask for any other information while signing up.

How to locate potential matches in Einkamal?

Einkamal can be said to be a very progressive dating website. Unlike the other dating sites, this Iceland dating site allows people to choose what kind of person they are looking for. Starting with the very basic sorting, it asks the users if they are interested in men, women or both and the range of age in which they want their partners to lie. After selecting the gender of the partner you are searching for, Einkamal allows you to further sort the profiles on the basis of the sexuality of your partner, the physical aspects you are looking for in your partners and what do you expect from your partner. Once everything has been entered, Einkamal lists you a number of profiles meeting your requirements and lets you choose any person from those profiles.

How to communicate with other members?

Einkamal suggests a list of profiles on the basis of the user鈥檚 requirements. You have to go through the profile of the people and if you like the profile of the person, you can send them a friend request. If the other person also accepts your request, it would imply that both of you are interested in each other. You can also send a message to the other person on Einkamal and start a conversation if you like their profile.

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Features of Einkamal

Einkamal has been active in Iceland for a very long time and has incorporated many features since. Some of those features are:

聽 聽 Extensive Search– Einkamal is one of a kind. It allows its users to search for a profile and asks them even the tiny details they are looking for in their partner. Users can mention the sexuality of their partner if they want friendship or a serious relationship, the physical aspects and the habits of their partner they are looking for.

聽 聽 Speed dating– Speed dating is a unique feature in Einkamal. It asks you the gender of the person you are looking for and then randomly matches you with one profile. Speed dating enables the users to get matches very easily.

聽 聽 Mobile application– Following the success of the website, Einkamal launched its application so that its users can easily access Einkamal from wherever they are and enjoy its services.

Cost of Einkamal

Einkamal has various subscription plans, the cost of which depends on the number of months for which one is taking the subscription. It starts from 52 euros for a week to 1000 euros for a year.


Einkamal has created a special tab for privacy where the users can control various aspects of it. They can select what they want the other members should see and what they should not. It also allows the users to get a notification from Einkamal if someone has liked their profile. Websites like Einkamal are very particular about the privacy of their users. They make sure that the personal details of users are safe and are not leaked out to people with ulterior motives.

Active members of Einkamal

Einkamal is one of the oldest dating sites in Europe which has allowed its user base to be very large. More than 20 thousand people are members of this dating website. They have a special premium membership for its users which allows them to message other members of Einkamal. Einkamal is very strict with its membership and thus makes sure that no fake profiles are being on their platform. They also inspect the accounts from time to time to ensure that all fake profiles are deleted from their platform.

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